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> SHR 500

Sealer model SHR 500 performs a very special ribbon seal 12 mm wide, and a central cut that leaves both sides of the bag or tubular film perfectly sealed so that no contamination is possible.

It is suitable for sealing bags containing contaminated filters and any other material that should not be dispersed in the environment.

The structure in stainless steel and aluminium makes the SHR 500 suited for clean rooms and sterile environments.
The sealing cycle is controlled by a double timer that allows to set both the sealing time and the cooling time.
The sealer is available  both in a desk-top version and as hand held pincers.

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> PN RES 401

Model PN RES 401 is an impulse sealer meant to be used in protected environments such as food packaging and clean rooms.

Machine and stand are all made of stainless steel, aluminium and chromate steel, and the quality of the seal is assured by sophisticated regulation systems that are totally user-friendly. 

A micro-processor controls sealing temperature, and a double timer control sealing and cooling time. This guarantees that all seals are perfectly repeated. 

Sealers are available on request with cm 60 or cm 80 width, for desk-top use or with a vertical structure with bag support.

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> SEALING BARS for special needs

Thanks to an expertise in thermosealing that started in 1953, Cibra can supply sealing bars to be applied on special machines or installations where sealing of plastic film is requested as part of the packaging process.

Width ranges from 30 to 300 cm, and many types of seal are available:

  • impulse-operated ribbon seal, from 3 to 12 mm width, with or without hot cut;
  • “microribbon” seal, that cuts the film and leaves a seal on both sides. 

Bars are always custom made and can be studied in order to cater to different needs.

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> SPECIAL SEALERS on request

If you don’t find the sealer you need among the standard Cibra range, or you need to seal uncommon shapes or films, contact Cibra’s engineers.
Our experience can help you in finding a solution, and in our plant we can build your special machine at interesting prices. 
We can make sealers up to 3 meters long, big L sealers, sealers for odd shapes of all kinds. 
We can test for you or with you the possibility of heat sealing a new film.

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