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> AS 600 - AS 1000
This sealers can be used to make bags from polyethylene tubular rolls, any length. Sealing is mm 3 wide. A sliding knife on the upper jaw allows to cut the film at a distance of 5 mm from the seal. You can thus make the bags you need for your product.
After filling the bags, you can seal them by the same machine. Sealing time and cooling time are regulated by independent timers. Movement of the jaws is operated by a magnet.
When the pedal is pressed, the sealing cycle starts. The jaws will re-open automatically at the end of the cycle.
AS sealers are available in cm 60 or cm 100 width.

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> 1500 MS 3

This sealer can make big bags from tubular rolls of standards or shrink polyethylene up to 150 microns thick, with or without side gussets.
Bags can be up to 150 cm wide, any length (cm 165 width on request).  Film is pulled by hand fand a meter counter reads the length you have pulled, so that you don't need a big table in front of the sealer.
With the 1500 MS 3 you can make pallet covers, covers for furniture and household appliances, bags for mattresses, protective covers for plants, and all large heavy duty bags.

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