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TINIPACK is a vertical packaging unit that forms and seals bags in one operation, thus allowing a continuos packaging cycle.

Items inserted into the hopper fall through the inserting tube into a bag pre-formed by the preceding operation, and the sealing starts automatically. 
The sealing arm re-opens at the end of the cycle so that the packed items is set free.
At the same time, the tubular film automatically advances for the pre-set length that can be regulated from 5 to 28 cm.

The inserting tube has a 10 cm or cm 14 diameter. Resulting bags will be  cm 17 or cm 22 wide respectively.
All movements are by compressed air and managed by a PLC. 

The Tinipack unit is available in two different versions: one for polyethylene film and one for BOPP film.

The sealing cycle can be started by the operator by a button or by pedal, or can be repeated automatically with the cadence chosen by the operator.

The machine can also be fitted with an automatic filling/dosing unit (optional). In this case the whole operation becomes fully automatic and no labour is needed.

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