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vertical packaging unit

Tinipack can pack all sort of items in polyethylene film or in BOPP film, depending on the version you choose (that cannot be modified because the sealing jaws are totally different).

It works on a roll of flat film that is automatically wrapped around the forming tube, thus creating a tubular bag.
The item(s) to pack are inserted into the hopper and fall through the inserting tube into the bag formed by the preceding operation.


Each packaging cycle can be started by the operator by a button or by pedal, or it can start automatically with a pre-set timing. The machine seals the package that falls down and slides out of the machine; the film then advances automatically for the pre-set length, controlled by encoder, and the bag is ready for the next filling operation.               

The inserting tube can be cm 10 or cm 14 wide. Switching from one diameter to the other can be done only by Cibra because it requires a total replacement of the film folding device.
Bags made on the 10 cm tube are always 17 m wide, while bags made on the 14 cm tube are always 22 cm wide. 

When the machine is switched to automatic mode, packaging cycles are repeated automatically with the sequence chosen by the operator, who will have to insert the items into the hopper.

The machine can also be fitted with an automatic filling/dosing unit (optional).

In this case the whole operation becomes fully automatic and no labour is needed.

The hopper is full of the product to pack; the dosing unit weights the pre-set quantity and releases it into the Tinipack's chute, thus activating the packaging cycle automatically.  Operation stops only when the hopper is empty

All movements are coordinated by a PLC and activated by compressed air.

Best features:  
  • you can use low cost film such as polyethylene;
  • you set all regulations on a digital display;
  • bag length is controlled by the encoder;
  • sealing temperature is electronically controlled;
  • sealing and cooling time can be chosen at will;
  • packed items are gently expelled on a sliding chute;
  • the whole unit is on castors and can be easily moved around.

Tinipack is suitable for packaging:
  • pasta, rice, cereals
  • dry fruit
  • biscuits
  • candies
  • bread
  • nuts and bolts
  • spare parts
  • small toys
  • plastic parts


  by compressed air

  lenght of bag

  from 5 to 28 cm, controlled by encoder

  sealing time   can be regulated on the display
  sealing temperature   can be regulated on the display
  dimensions   100x105x145 cm
  weight   120 kg


  230 V


  1200 W/hour

Cibra reserves the right to modify all models without warning.
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