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L sealers


These L-sealers allow you to pack any item into V-folded film in rolls. The item is placed between the edges of the film and sealed all around in one instant operation.
This system is particularly suitable for products that are not easily inserted into bags, and for products of varying size and shape.

Just insert the product between the two layers of film and lower the frame. The machine seals two sides; on the third you have the preceding seal, on the fourth you have the fold of the film, thus your product is completely wrapped in one operation.

> ANG 60X80

The maximum size of the packaging is cm 60x80.
Sealing is done immediately as the frame is lowered and raised by hand.
The sealing resistance is always hot and requires no regulation.
A teflon protection on the resistance eliminates all fumes.

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> ANG 45X50 desk-top sealer

Pack your product directly into the roll of V-folded film by means of this simple desktop sealer.
Sealing time can be regulated by timer and is shown by a lamp.

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