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Cibra's range of pedal-operated sealers can cover many sealing needs for a wide variety of different kind of bags.

All pedal-operated sealers with stand can be fitted on request with a supporting table for the bags.

They also can be supplied in a vertical version so that the jaws close on the bag from above.


The picture shows on the left the basic version (table is optional), on the right the vertical version (table always included).

> model CIBRINA

It seals thin polyethylene and polypropylene bags up to 60 microns, width cm 30 max.
The sealing bar is constantly hot.
Just lower the pedal, and the bag is sealed immediately by a double seal (2 lines at 9 mm distance).
Suitable for constant, heavy duty use on thin bags.

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> model MN

30 cm wide, it cuts and seals immediately by hot wire; the exceeding part of the bags is cut off.
The resulting thin seal is quite suitable for polyethylene bags up to 100 microns containing clothing, brochures, toys, any light object.
Not advised for liquid or powders.

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> modello E 40

Multipurpose, heavy-duty sealer for polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene bags, any thickness, maximum width cm 40. 
The  ribbon seal is 3 mm wide.
Impulse operated: sealing start when pedal is lowered, and a lamp shows beginning and end of the cycle.
E40 is always ready to seal anything, can be easily used by anybody, anywhere.

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> model AKA for multi-layers, coextruded and OPP  bags

AKA seals bags up to 30 cm wide made of compounds, multi-layer films, co-extruded films, OPP, heat-sealable cellophane. These bags are used for food, coffee seeds, chemicals, powders, and any product requiring a strong and long lasting protection. AKA is not suited for plastic bags.

The 12 mm wide embossed seal is made immediately in the time of lowering and releasing the pedal. On request jaws can be  fitted with a date coder.

The temperature of the sealing jaws is regulated according to the needs of the material to be sealed. It is kept constant by a heat regulator fitted with a feeler. The pedal is very easy to operate and the operator can be seated.

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> model ELMA

Just touch the pedal and ELMA closes its jaws, seals and re-opens automatically. Once you pre-set sealing time and cooling time, you can be sure that all seals will be perfect.
You can also set the sealer on automatic: sealing cycles will be repeated with the cadence you pre-set on the timer, without using the pedal any more.
ELMA can seal any medium-large bag up to 80 microns thickness with a 3 mm wide impulse seal. Maximum bag width can be cm 45 or 60 according to the model you choose.

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