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pedal operating sealer for BOPP and multilayer bags


AKA seals bags up to 30 cm made of multi-layer films, co-extruded films, OPP, heat-sealable cellophane. These bags are used for food, coffee seeds, chemicals, powders, and any product requiring a strong and long lasting protection. AKA is not suited for plastic bags.


The picture shows on the left the basic version (table is optional), on the right the vertical version (table always included).




The 12 mm wide embossed seal is made immediately in the time of lowering and raising the pedal.
On request jaws can be fitted with a date coder (see bottom page).
The temperature of the sealing jaws is regulated according to the needs of the material to be sealed. You just set on the dial the temperature you want to use, wait 5 minutes for the jaws to heat up. The chosen temperature will be kept constantly by heat regulator fitted with a feeler.
The pedal is very easy to operate and the operator can be seated.

up - basic version
with stainless steel sealing head




1) Vertical version

This sealer is also available with a vertical stand that includes a support table for the bags. The sealing jaws close on the bag's edge from above.

On this stand, both the sealing head and the bag support can be moved up and down according to needs.


bottom - vertical version with table


Sealers model AKA can be fitted on request with a date coder for embossing day-month-year.  The coder is complete with punches to compose the date for 5 years (price as per price list).

The standard sealing bar on sealers AKA is 12 mm wide and is embossed with horizontal lines (2 mm width).


The coder is placed on the lower side of the bar and the resulting seal looks like this:


Punches are 5 mm wide.  12 punches can be fitted into the allotted space.

Standard coders are supplied with the following punches:

  • 1 group of 2 punches numbered 1 and 2
  • 2 groups of 10 punches each, numbered 0 to 9
  • 1 group of 8 punches for the years:   
    • 2 pieces numbered 0
    • 2 pieces numbered
    • 4 pieces numbered 6-7-8-1
  • a few blank punches for spacing.

Extra punches can be supplied on request for composing alphanumeric codes up to 12 bits.

The following punches can be supplied on request:

  • group of 10 pieces numbered from 0 to 9
  • complete alphabet A-Z
  • single punches, custom engraved
  • blank punches for spacing
  • blank punches to be engraved by customer

3) On request AKA can be supplied with FLAT SEALING BARS (not embossed with orizontal lines).

4) On request AKA can be supplied with 40 cm SEALING BARS.


  welding width

  30 cm (40 cm on request)

30 cm
  type of seal

  12 mm wide embossed horizontally (flat on request)


  bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), multilayer, coextruded

41x40x105 cm
41x40x160 cm
14 kg
22 kg


  230 V


  470 W/hour max

Cibra reserves the right to modify all models without warning.
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