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E 40
pedal operating sealer


E40 is a multipurpose, heavy-duty sealer for polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene bags, any thickness, maximum width cm 40.
The ribbon seal is 3 mm wide.

The sealer is impulse operated: sealing starts when pedal is lowered, and a lamp shows beginning and end of the cycle.
Sealing time can be adjusted by means of an electronic timer.
Pedal must be kept lowered throughout the sealing cycle.

E40 is always ready to seal anything, can be easily used by anybody, anywhere.


right - basic version
bottom - vertical version with table



Vertical version

This sealer is also available with a vertical stand that includes a support table for the bags.
The sealing jaws close on the bag's edge from above.

On this stand, both the sealing head and the bag support can be moved up and down according to needs.

  welding width

  30 cm

  type of seal

  ribbon seal 3 mm wide


  polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC - any thickness


  46x40x105 cm

46x40x160 cm
14 kg
22 kg


  230 V


  300 W/hour max

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