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1500 MS 3
to make heavy duty bags

Bags made by the 1500 MS 3 can be up to 150 mm wide, any length, any thickness.
You can make pallet covers, covers for furniture and household appliances, bags for mattresses, protective covers for plants, and many medium/large heavy duty bags.

The sealing impulse is started by closing the jaws by means of either the rigth or the left lever. Set the sealing time on the timer, depending on the thickness of the material. Pull out the required length of tubular film, checking the meter counter; start the impulse by either lever; while the machine is sealing, run the knife along its track to cut along the seal; reopen the jaws by raising one of the lever when the end-of-sealing buzzer sounds.

The bags thus obtained will be sealed by a 3 mm wide strip, and perfectly cut at a distance of 5 mm from the seal. The end of the film roll remains open, ready to make the next bag. It takes an average 12 to 20 seconds to make each bag, depending on the thickness of the material and the operator's efficiency.

Meter counter has 4 digits + decimal (centimetres) with a metric wheel (130 mm diameter) and manual reset.

 technical data

  type os seal
  ribbon seal 3 mm wide

  maximum width of welding

  1500 mm

  maximum width of cut
  1500 mm
  maximum width of film roll
  1500 mm
  maximum diameter of film roll
  500 mm


  LD, HD polyethylene (standard or shrinkable)
  max thickness 150 microns

  185x60X128 cm
  weight   93 kg


  230 V


  500 W/hour (only during sealing)

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