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PN RES 401

These sealers can weld bags in PE and PP, any thickness, and bags in co-extruded and multilayer films.
Machine and stand are all made of stainless steel, aluminium and chromate steel, so that they can be used in protected environments such as food and pharmaceutical industries, and in   clean rooms.
Impulse seal is performed by two resistances, one on each jaw; resistances are usually mm 3 wide, can be 6 mm or 12 mm on request.

picture 1 - desk-top version

Sealing cycle is started by electric pedal and is fully automatic.  Jaws are moved by compressed air. Closing speed of the jaws can be regulated.

Sealing time and cooling time are regulated by independent timers.

The temperature of the resistances is pre-set according to need. It is constantly maintained by an electronic regulator that includes a microprocessor through which the current inflow is constantly monitored, so that there are no heat build-ups.
The possibility of regulating all the welding parameters assures a constant quality of the seal and guarantees repeatability.

Cycle is started by a safety pedal that is immediately released. Jaws close, sealing time starts and is followed by cool-off time, at the end of which the jaws re-open automatically.

Cibra can supply only the sealing head, that can be placed on any table or support according to need (picture 1). 
On request the sealer is supplied on a vertical structure (picture 2) that includes a supporting table to be moved up and down, or a rolling table.

picture 2 - sealer on vertical structure
with supporting table

  welding width

60 cm
80 cm
  type of seal
ribbon seal 3 mm wide (6 or 12 mm on request)


polyethylene and polypropylene any thickness,
  coextruded and some multi-layer films

  compressed air pressure

6 atm approx.


  230 V

Cibra reserves the right to modify all models without warning.
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