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SHR 500

Sealer model SHR 500 is a hand operated sealing/cutting system composed by a sealing bar carrying a resistance 12 mm wide that works on low tension (V24 max), and by a counter bar with a cold wire - diameter 0,9 (not electrically connected).


picture 1 - desk-top version

The upper bar is lowered by hand until it connects with the lower bar, and is then blocked there. A microswitch guarantees a correct positioning.

When the two bars are in contact the sealing cycle is started by a button.  While the resistance is heated, the cold wire presses onto the melted film and separates it all along the length of the seal, leaving both sides tightly welded.

This type of seal avoids any contamination at the top of the bag (see picture on the right).  Regular impulse sealers leave the top of the bag open.

A double timer allows to regulate separately the sealing time and the cooling time that allows the seal to consolidate before releasing the sealing jaws.


On request the SHR sealer can be supplied without the cutting device.  In this case it will perform only a 12 mm wide ribbon seal.
The sealer is available in a desk top version (picture 1) or in a pincers version, where the sealing bars can be operated at a 3 mt distance from the control box (picture 2).

picture 2 - pincers version


  welding width

  50 cm
  type of seal   ribbon seal, 12 mm wide, cut in the middle and leaving a
  6 mm seal on each side of the cut


  polyethylene up to 200 microns
  some types of coextruded films
  dimensions   desktop version: mm 250 x 850 x 450 (h)
  control box mm 250 x 900 x 200 (h)
  pincers mm 150 x 900 x 250 (h)
  weight   21 kg


  230 V


  1100 W/hour only during the seal
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