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heavy duty bag sealer

Model PN is an impulse-sealing machine operated by a pneumatic pedal.
One just needs to touch it to start a completely automatic cycle: closing of the jaws - sealing time - cooling time - reopening of the jaws.
Movement is by compressed air.


During the sealing/cooling cycle the operator is completely free.
The PN can be placed on any table, is easy to use and compact; it assure a constant result on any bag. The impulse seal is 3 mm wide (6 - 8 mm on request).
Independent timers allow to regulate sealing time and cool-off time according to need.
Model PN is available in 3 sizes: cm 60, cm 80, cm 100.

On request the machine can be fitted on a vertical stand for easier handling of heavy bags.

The vertical stand can have a supporting table or a rolling table (see designs) that can be moved up or down from 45 to 85 cm from the sealing line.


right - PN on vertical stand with rolling table
down - PN sealer next to a dosing/filling unit


The PN sealer with vertical stand can be placed next to a dosing/filling station in order to obtain a smooth packaging cycle.

The operator pushes the full bag under the sealing jaws, then starts the sealing cycle by a slight pressure on the pneumatic pedal.

The sealer automatically closes the jaws, start the preset sealing time, followed by the cool-off time, then reopens automatically.
During the sealing cycle the operator is free and can fill the next bag.

If your bag is in PE or PP and its thickness does not exceed 100 microns maybe our model MAGA can be suitable for your needs.
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  welding width

  60 cm (80 - 100 cm on request)

  type of seal

  ribbon seal 3 mm wide (6 - 8 mm on request)


  polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC - very thick

table top version

  82x37x37 cm

with stand   82x68x180 cm
table top version

  35 kg

with stand   73 kg


  230 V


  800 W/hour

Cibra reserves the right to modify all models without warning.
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