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MAGA is a vertical sealer with a self-standing structure that includes a supporting shelf for the bag. 

The shelf can be moved up and down according to need, to a maximum distance of 65 cm from the sealing line.

Seal is done by a 3 mm wide resistance placed on the front jaw (the movable one).  Sealing time and cooling time are regulated on two separate timers.

A sliding knife allows to cut off the exceeding part of the bag.

The welding cycle is started by pressing the pedal.  When the jaws close, they remain blocked by a powerful magnet during both the sealing time and the cool-off time, at the end of which the jaws re-open automatically.

During the cycle you can operate the sliding knife in order to cut off  any exceeding part of the bag.

The cut is performed at 5 mm distance from the seal.


MAGA is suited to seal any polyethylene or polypropylene bag.  Thanks to its automatic sealing cycle,  it can be placed next to a dosing/filling unit so that while Maga seals a bag the operator can fill the next one, without any waste of time.

If your bag is very thick, with gussets, or not made of polyethylene film, maybe our model PN is more suitable for your needs.
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  welding width

  60 cm

  type of seal

  ribbon seal 3 mm wide


  polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC
 (max thickness 80 microns)

  dimensions   70x60x160 cm
  weight   30 kg


  230 V


  400 W/hour (only during sealing)

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