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heavy duty sealer for any bag


Very powerful vertical sealer with sealing resistance on both jaws. A supporting table holds the bag during the sealing cycle that is started by a pushbutton and is fully automatic. Sealing time and cool-off time can be adjusted according to needs.

Jaws are released by pedal in order to take out the sealed bag and insert the next one. During the sealing cycle the operator is free to prepare the next bag.


Model VTB is suitable for sealing any plastic bag weighing up to 10- 15 kg, containing any type of product, up to cm 60 width. The distance of the supporting table from the sealing jaws can be adjusted up to cm 60. Two or more smaller bags can be sealed together.

VTB can also seal flexible plastic tubes such as those used for cosmetics. Several tubes places on a tray on the supporting table and then sealed at the same time (see below).

  welding width

  60 cm (70 cm on request)

  type of seal

  ribbon seal 3 mm wide


  polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC - any thickness;
  multilayer and coextruded; plastic tubes.

  dimensions   65x56x125 cm
  weight   40 kg


  230 V


  500 W/hour (only during sealing)


with the sealer model VTB

Tubes must be placed on trays that allow to operate on several tubes at once, both for filling and sealing.

The tube-holding tray also allows to:

  • place tubes correctly with the printed side on front and a correct distance between one tube and the next;
  • use all the sealing width to seal several tubes in one operation;
  • seal exactly at the bottom of the tube.

design 1

The tray can be just a piece of wood with holes (see design 1). Holes must have almost the same diameter of the tubes.

The tray must have the following features:

  • it should be as wide as the jaw and accomodate as many tubes as possible so that the pressure is evenly distributed;
  • distance between tubes must account for the width of the tube when it is flattened. Also bear on mind that when the bottom of the tube is sealed it might extend at the sides;
  • the tray should be wide enough to touch the machine frame so that it is easy to place it in the correct position (see design 3).

design 2 - front view

  design 3 -
side view

Remember that it is easier to insert and take out the tray if you do it from the side.

Note - In design 2 and 3 the supporting table is designed lower than the jaws so that the design is easier to understand.
During work, the supporting table must be raised so that the seal is made exactly on the edge of the tubes.

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