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to make bags and seal them


TIS 300 TG and TIS 400 TG are manual sealer with a sliding knife along the sealing bar.
They can seal and cut at the same time, thus allowing both to make bags from a tubular roll of film, and to seal bags that are already filled with product.
Seal and cut can be operated on 30 or 40 cm width according to model.

The impulse seal is 2 mm wide. Sealing time is regulated by a timer and indicated by a lamp. While the unit is sealing you can slide the cutter along the sealing arm thus separating the bag.


When the bag has been filled with your product you can seal it by means of the same sealer, cutting off any exceeding part by means of the sliding knife.

TIS TG can seal tubular film or bags in polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, up to 80 microns.

Roll holder is optional, as well as the stand shown here.

If you need a small quantity of film click here.


  welding width

  30 cm

40 cm
  type of seal

  ribbon seal 2 mm wide (other options on request)


  polyethylene, PVC, cast polypropylene
  max thickness 80 microns

47x9x20 cm
57x9x20 cm
4,6 kg
5,5 kg


  230 V

  stand dimensions
57x34x96 cm
  stand weight
10 kg
Cibra reserves the right to modify all models without warning.
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