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M 60 "microribbon" sealer
for plastic bags - bubble film - non woven materials



M60 can be used to seal bags containing clothing, pillow, mattresses, and in all cases when you want to cut off the exceeding part of the bag.
The M60 model seals by a hot wire cut performed through a teflon protection so that there are no fumes. The resulting seal (microribbon seal) is thin but very strong, quite suited for thick polyethylene.

This type of seal is the only one to give good results on bubble film, expanded polyethylene, many non woven materials. When the pedal is lowered, the resistance cuts the film leaving a seal on both sides of the cut.
The machine is operated by compressed air that assures an even and strong pressure all along the jaws.

The whole cycle, once started by the pedal, is fully automatic. Sealing time and cool-off time are regulated by independent timers. At the end of the pre-set cycle the jaws reopen automatically. 


  welding width

  60 cm (80 - 100 cm on request)

  type of seal



  polyethylene also with gussets (max thickness 200 microns),
  bubble film, non woven materials (TNT).


  82x37x37 cm


  35 kg


  230 V


  800 W/hour (only during sealing)

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