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IND 100
sealer for heavy or bulky bags

The IND sealer is specially designed for sealing heavy or bulky bags by means of a double ribbon welding.

The trolley feeder allows the sealing unit to be conveyed directly over the bag to be sealed. The vertical support allows the sealing pincers to be raised, lowered and turned into the most convenient position.

The pincers can also be removed from the support and rested on the trolley to reduce the dimensions of the unit when not in use.

For special needs the pincers can be fixed anywhere and used at any distance from the trolley.
The pincers are normally cold and can be handled without problems.

When the pincers are closed onto the bag, sealing cycle is started by pressing a button switch.

The length of the impulse operated sealing cycle can be regulated by a timer according to the requirements of the material.
A pilot light indicates the start and the end of the sealing cycle, during which the pincers remain closed, leaving the operator free to prepare the next bag.




  welding width

  100 cm (130 cm on request)

  type of seal

  ribbon seal 3 mm wide


  polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene - any thicknes

  dimensions pincers   17x155x5 cm
feeder   55x100x70 cm


  230 V


  750 W/hour (only during sealing)

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