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sealing pincers for plastic film


The HWR pincers can seal polyethylene bags and sheets in any width. The pincers are 45 cm wide and structured so that seals can be repeated in order to cover any length.

Sealing time can be adjusted according to the film’s gauge. It starts when the pincers are closed and is indicated by a buzzer.
A sealing resistance on both jaws allows to seal films up to 250 microns.

This sealer can be used for unlimited coverage with plastic sheets, for industrial packaging, for sealing stabilized polyamide sheets around multilayer glass or composites to be processed in autoclave.


  welding width

  45 cm (60 cm on request)

  type of seal

  ribbon seal 3 mm wide


  polyethylene (max 250 microns);
  stabilized polyamide.

  dimensions   40x33x10 cm
  total weight   5 kg
  pincer weight   0,9 kg


  230 V


  180 W/hour (only during sealing)

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