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sealing pincers for multilayer film


HWP pincers can seal immediately any laminated or multi-layer film such as kraft + polyethylene, aluminium + polyethylene, kraft + aluminium + polyethylene, and so on. They are peculiarly suited for industrial packaging.
The sealing bars are 40 cm long and 12 mm wide.  They are constantly hot and their temperature can be regulated according to the requirements of the film to seal.
HWP pincers cannot be used, nor be adapted to plastic films.

  welding width

  40 cm

  type of seal

  12 mm wide embossed horizontally


  multilayer films, no plastic

  pre-heating time   5 minutes
  dimensions   40x33x10 cm
  weight   1,5 kg


  230 V


  360 W/ora

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