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shrink wrapping units

Hooded L sealer model CAM 44 and CAM 55 can seal and shrink PVC and polyolefinic films.
The item must be inserted between the edges of the V-folded film; insertion is made easier by a plaque that separates the two sides of the film.

The item is then pushed under the hood, that must be lowered by hand until it holds onto the retaining magnet. 

The sealing/shrinking cycle is then started automatically; at the end of the pre-set timing the hood raises automatically.

All parameters can be easily programmed on the electronic display, and the frequently used settings can be stored  in memory.



It is also possible to switch off the shrinking operation and thus use the machine as a regular L sealer.

Model CAM 44 can be placed on any table; on request Cibra can supply a suitable support (see picture).

Model CAM 55 is always supplied complete with support.

If you only need a small quantity of shrink film,
click here.

  maximum size of package

  440X300 mm (h 150 mm)

560x430 mm (h 260 mm)
  type of seal
hot wire


shrinkable PVC - shrinkable polyolefin

  film thickness

from 10 to 30 microns
from 10 to 40 microns
954x564x500 mm
(desk-top version)
1425x790x1090 mm
(complete with support)
46 kg
131 kg


  230 V single phase


1650 W

3700 W
Cibra reserves the right to modify all models without warning.
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